AT&T Supports American Red Cross Text-Messaging Donation Program

September 27, 2008 at 7:48 am (Uncategorized)

Protect hardware/software/data records/employee records, etc. Routinely back up these files to an off-site location. Use a generator for supplying backup power to vital computer hardware and other mission-critical equipment. Prearrange the replacement of damaged hardware with vendors to ensure quick business recovery. * Outline detailed plans for evacuation and shelter-in-place plans. Practice these plans (employee training, etc.). Establish a backup location for your business and meeting place for all employees. * Assemble a crisis-management team and coordinate efforts with neighboring businesses and building management. Be aware that disasters affecting your suppliers also affect your business. Outline a plan for supply chain continuity for business essentials. Maximizing Service During and After a Hurricane: * During an emergency, more people are trying to use their phones at the same time.

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Spb Wallet

September 27, 2008 at 6:43 am (Uncategorized)

A password generator is included if you need help creating a difficult password for Spb Wallet or for any other password need you have. Once you’ve named your wallet and created a password, you are ready to start adding your personal and private information.

Creating a new card, like a credit card, involves choosing a template and name for the card. You have the freedom to edit how your card looks — change the field layouts and backgrounds to suit your needs or personal taste. Spb Wallet can organize your information in folders that you create — put credit cards in your Credit Cards folder, create a Family folder for medical information, a Finances folder for bank account numbers and passwords, Traveling folder for frequent flyer account numbers, etc. Your wallet can be as thin or fat as you wish, and the best part about it is you don’t have to sit lopsided on a 3-inch thick wallet in your back pocket!

After opening Spb Wallet and entering your password, you can open a wallet you created and view the information you need, like a credit card number when you are purchasing an item from the TreoCentral Store.

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SOCITM selects Jadu as web transformation partner

September 27, 2008 at 6:40 am (Uncategorized)

The Society of Information Technology Management (Socitm) has agreed a partnership with web content management vendor Jadu and Esteiro Business Solutions, who provide the Gold-Vision CRM system. This partnership will deliver an integrated solution for the management of Socitm’s front and back office, significantly improving the Society’s efficiency and its service to members and customers.

The agreement with Jadu and Gold-Vision follows a lengthy search by Socitm for the right combination of solutions to deliver its core needs for excellence in web content management and member services. The selection process initially involved Socitm’s Systems Development Board and more recently the Socitm Board. The outcome means that Jadu and Gold-Vision will now be recognised as ‘premium partners’ by Socitm, and will work in collaboration with Socitm to support member services

Socitm selected Jadu, through a formal bidding exercise, and interviews to evaluate partnership strategies and approach. Jadu’s selection as preferred web content management partner underlines Jadu’s undisputed position as market leader in the local government market.

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Yotify takes too much work

September 25, 2008 at 7:54 am (Uncategorized)

Yotify just launched its Web content monitoring service. You tell it what you’re looking for, and it will monitor specific sites looking for your query to return results. Then it will send you an e-mail telling you.

It’s a useful service if you’re looking for a particular item for sale on Craigslist (but nowhere else), or a review of a new Web app on Webware (but nowhere else). The problem is that you cannot easily create a search agent (Yotify calls them “Scouts”) that scans multiple sites at once, like Google Alerts does. On the other hand, Google doesn’t allow data-aware searches — you can’t easily encode a search for 1- or 2-bedroom apartments in Russian Hill with parking at $3,500 a month or under; and Google also doesn’t give you a preview of your results. Yotify allows you to refine your Scout until you have it right, and only then start to run it around the clock on your behalf.

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Amazon Testing Content Delivery Web Service

September 25, 2008 at 7:41 am (Uncategorized)

The goal of the still unnamed service is to give application developers a vehicle for distributing public Web content with low latency and high data transfer rates, Amazon announced Thursday on its official Amazon Web Services blog.

Now in private beta testing and scheduled for public release before the end of the year, this content delivery service will be the latest cloud-computing offering from Amazon Web Services, which also provides hosted computing capacity, e-commerce and storage services.

Amazon Web Services aims to offer developers a suite of generic computing, payment, billing, fulfillment and Web search services so that they can focus on the work of making their applications.

Amazon Web Services is part of the growing cloud-computing trend, in which IT vendors are hosting software in their own data centers and making it accessible via the Internet so that the clients don’t have to install it on their premises.

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Articlebot & Content Generators and Content Manipulation Tools

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Web lively evolving is the bag of researching, writing, gathering, organizing, again editing cue whereas
daybook on web site and can consist of prose, graphics, pictures, recordings, movies and other media assets. In today’s digital world any web content after its development has to be well managed and so the term encompasses a larger context and is a collaborative process.

* Content infancy
* Content updating
* Publishing
* Translation
* Archiving of merry
* Retirement

Who are the divers community tortuous in thrilled management? They acquire the ecstatic writer, the editor, content managers, translator, publisher, administrator and other staff besides the consumer.

A CMS software is used thanks to blithe subjection further
may get a document authority system. While publishing for the web, content management systems are used so that many people can easily interact with the content. Other areas of content management is in the inter office use of digital computer files, image media, audio files and electronic documents.

Today websites need chipper that is not alone of interest to the situation visitors but also cognate that it attracts the search engines. Thus the content has to be (SEO) search engine optimized. It is a special type of content writing that involves being conscious of and including special key words and tags in the content.

Another chief endowment of glad regimentation is the activity amble which is facilitated by e-mail or automatic routing methods. The elite
example of a CMS is the online Wikipedia website that uses the Wiki software for collaborative content management. The system has a repository to store huge amount of content that enable effective search and retrieval.

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